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Wasp sitting on top of wasp nest

Wasps, Hornets and Bees

Wasp and Bee Control is part of many of our monthly plans and is a common insect found in Northern New Mexico. Unlike some pests wasps and bees can be beneficial to the environment when located in places and spaces that are a safe distance from your home. We treat bees and wasps differently and know how to do this safely and accurately. Bees and wasps can be beneficial pollinators and many wasps are predators to other pest insects. Either one can become a danger in and around where humans frequent. It can be easy to confuse bees, wasps and hornets and we have the expertise to know how to treat each of them. Call PestTechs to properly identify your problem and have our expert technicians safely remove or treat bees and wasps.

Pest Control for Stinging Insects

PestTechs Pest Control is a highly efficient and reliable pest control company that specializes in helping home owners get rid of stinging insects such as wasps and scorpions. We employ a team of highly trained and experienced technicians who use the latest tools and techniques to effectively eliminate these pests. We have a deep understanding of the behavior patterns of these insects and use this knowledge to develop effective treatment plans that can quickly and effectively get rid of the problem. Whether it’s a wasp nest in the eaves of your home or a scorpion infestation in your backyard, PestTechs Pest Control has the skills and expertise to help you get rid of these dangerous pests once and for all. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and their years of experience in the industry, PestTechs Pest Control is the best choice for anyone looking to eliminate stinging insects from their property.

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